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Mindy has worked with Turn, Kick, Reach® for 30 years.
She has training in business development and is an entrepreneur extraordinaire.

I became involved with the Turn, Kick, Reach® technique after my child who at the time was 17 months old was found at the
bottom of a pool. Fortunately, I knew CPR, and was able to revive her. Marlene had been after me for months to sign my daughter
up for lessons, and I called her immediately telling her what happened. My daughter was in lessons practically, the next day. After
experiencing what the TKR Program could do for my daughter’s safety and my peace of mind, I knew it was my mission to save
lives by working with Marlene bringing the Turn, Kick, Reach® program to the world. I now have two grandchildren who both
learned the Turn, Kick, Reach® method before they were a year old. They are both very confident swimmers who love being
in the water. The peace of mind I have is priceless. -Mindy York