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by Von Stelling Inc.
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Benefits and Services

Sole Proprietor $100.00:
2.     Free Event Tickets, Networking Luncheons, and A-list Dinners.
3.     B2B insider promotions.
4.    (1) 60 sec ESPN Radio Spot.
Small Business Package $100@week:
1.    All the VSI discounts and VIP treatment plus the following:
2.    (1) TV Commercial (3 Camera Video Shoot w/pro tools editing)
3.    (2) 60 sec. ESPN Radio Spots for 1 year.
4.    (1) Product Placement web page with VSI Internet Sales Program.
5.    50% off all multi-media production costs.
6.    50% off any weekday live event production costs.

Corporate Sponsor  $1,000@week:
1.    All the VSI discounts, VIP treatment, & Small Business Package plus:
2.    1 weekly Video Shoot at your location.
3.    1 weekly full 1 hour ESPN Morning Show Sponsorship.
4.    1 weekly Live Event at your location.

Non Profit/Charity (Must Qualify)
1.     All preceding services can be donated by VSI with approved 501C3
tax certificates.


Thank you for considering a VSI membership,

Dennis Michael Stelling
President, VSI


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